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SanDisk & IBM Partner To Deliver All-Flash SDS To The Data Center

SanDisk Corporation and IBM are collaborating on bringing cost-effective, next-generation, software-defined, all-flash storage solutions for the data center. These new solutions are a combination of SanDisk’s InfiniFlash System and IBM’s Spectrum Scale filesystem. The two companies believe that the combination of the two technologies will be able to effectively tackle the arising issues of the modern data center while helping to keep costs down.

As the data being generated is massively increasing and the advent of applications that run both in traditional storage as well as the cloud, IT needs to adapt new methods of dealing with this shift. The new joint solution, InfiniFlash for IBM Spectrum Scale Solution, is a scale-out, ultra-dense system that allows private, hybrid and public cloud customers to enable Infrastructure as a Service (IAAS) by starting small and growing to multiple petabytes. InfiniFlash not only enables users to scale compute and storage independently it also delivers the best-in-class cost per IOPS/TB. Meaning that this new collaborations takes aim at clustered scale-out high performance NAS, Big Data In-Place analytics and OpenStack for files with savings in both capex and opex.

As we’ve previously stated, InfiniFlash an all-flash array, SanDisk's first storage array, that is designed to address enterprise and hyperscale workloads such as Big Data analytics, content repositories (such as social media sites), and media streaming. The InfiniFlash provides 5 times the density, 50 times the performance, and 4 times the reliability all while consuming 80% less power than a standard HDD array. SanDisk designs all of InfiniFlash’s technology in-house. The InfiniFlash also surpasses the capabilities of existing all-flash arrays buy offering up to half a petabyte in capacity, a low total acquisition cost (below $2/GB before compression and deduplication), and reliability as the hardware is fully hot-swappable and redundant allowing for non-disruptive operation.

And IBM’s Spectrum Scale is a proven, scalable, high-performance file and object management solution delivering simplified data management and integrated information lifecycle tools capable of managing petabytes of data and billions of files, in order to manage the growing cost of dealing with ever increasing amounts of data.

SanDisk has teamed up with a few other companies that wished to take advantage of InfiniFlash’s high density and low cost. This includes Tegile, Nexenta, and CloudByte.

SanDisk InfiniFlash

IBM Spectrum Scale

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