by Adam Armstrong

SanDisk & Red Hat Collaborate To Deliver Flash-based Ceph Storage Solutions

Today SanDisk, Corp and Red Hat, Inc. announced they would be forming a strategic alliance to bring the combined benefits of Ceph and flash storage to enterprise customers. The two companies aim to deliver this by pairing SanDisk’s InfiniFlash flash storage system with Red Hat Ceph Storage. According to both companies, this combined solution will offer world-class performance and efficient data management that can significantly reduce operational and capital expenditures.

InfiniFlash was unveiled about a year ago as an all-flash array (AFA) with the pricing economics of an HDD system. It was specifically made to tackle the issue with Big Data and was dubbed both “Big Data Flash” and “JBOF” (just a bunch of flash). As we previously stated, InfiniFlash includes SanDisk’s ION Accelerator software stack for block-storage applications and utilizes the open source CEPH platform as well as OpenStack to deliver enterprise-class data service. InfiniFlash offers up to 512TB of capacity in a 3U rack space and can scale up to 15PB in a cluster.

Red Hat’s Ceph Storage is, according to their site, “a massively scalable, open source, software-defined storage system that runs on commodity hardware.” The OpenStack community widely uses Ceph that supports the storage needs of cloud architecture. Combining these two technologies offers petabyte-scale capacity, high density and peak performance to lower the cost of storage, especially for organizations struggling to manage exponential data growth. Ceph Storage will be offered as the preferred Ceph solution for the latest SanDisk InfiniFlash storage system.

While SanDisk has been contributing to Ceph for  awhile, they have also been using their InfiniFlash to partner with several other vendors recently. This includes a recent partnership with IBM, Tegile, Nexenta, and CloudByte.

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