by Lyle Smith

Scale Computing's HC3 HyperCore Version 6.0 Now Available

Scale Computing has announced the release of HC3 HyperCore Version 6.0, which adds built-in VM level remote replication as well as a new, streamlined user interface to make its HC3 platform cater more towards small- and medium-sized businesses and enterprise departments looking to overcome the obstacles of implementing virtualization, and fast recovery from IT disasters. Scale Computing also indicates that their HC3 products offer the server hardware, virtualization software, and storage needed in a hyperconverged platform managed from a single, unified interface, all of which now can extend to remote disaster recovery as well.

The latest release features built-in remote disaster recovery, which allows users to set up continuous replication on a VM by VM basis between two HC3 clusters with space-efficient snapshot technology replicating to a secondary site. This tracks only the blocks unique to each manual or automatic snapshot and sending the changed blocks. In addition, testing a DR infrastructure plan now consists of simply cloning a snapshot on the target cluster and starting a VM; all of this happens with no disruption to ongoing replication.  In the event of a disaster, users can also clone a snapshot on the target cluster for the manual failover of a VM, which is immediately bootable, or just replicate changed data at a DR site back to the primary site for simple failback. This feature comes at no extra charge to users and is available as a non-disruptive rolling upgrade for HC3 HyperCore version 5.

The new version 6 user interface features an intuitive design with virtually no learning curve, requiring administrators to only periodically log in when making changes to the system.  Scale Computing also indicates that the intelligence of their patented HyperCore software takes care of the heavy lifting of VM failover and data redundancy.  In addition, pop-up notifications show in-process user actions, alerts, and processes displaying relevant information about active events on the system.

Scale Computing’s embedded browser-based management console allows for the streamline of workflows, stating that it will result in a 60 percent reduction in clicks during the VM creation workflow as well as faster access to VM consoles directly from its HUD. Additionally, users now have the ability to combine VMs into logical groups using tagging and set multiple tags for easy filtering through the spotlight search feature, which matches names and descriptions for more efficient access in larger environments.  The snapshot, cloning, and replication features are now integrated into the card view of each VM.

Availability and Pricing

Scale Computing’s 6.0 release is available with the purchase of the HC1000, HC2000 or HC4000 or as an upgrade to existing installations. 

Pricing information, technical resources or live demonstration requests can be found on their support page

Scale Computing

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