by Adam Armstrong

Scality Announces RING 6.0

Today Scality announced a major update of its flagship object storage software, RING 6.0. According to Scality, RING 6.0 enables enterprise production deployments of S3-based applications, the first object storage that is S3 compatible with full Microsoft Active Directory (AD) and Amazon Web Services (AWS) Identity and Access Management (IAM) support. Scality states that RING Version 6.0 has already been deployed and tested by beta customers, and is enterprise-ready now.

RING is a petabyte-scale, software-only storage solution that is designed to support file, object, and VM storage in a single storage pool without application customization, third party gateways, or storage appliance lock-in all at 50-70% lower cost. RING allows hardware choice at deployment. Scality has continued to make updates and advancements to RING such as native scale out file system, use case oriented performance enhancements, and OpenStack integration. These advancements have led to new deployments and partnerships that cumulate in the support of over 500 million end users worldwide.

The demand of large-scale public and private clouds requirements in both scale and performance is increasing making object storage the ideal technology of choice. The lack of integration with existing IT single sign on systems has limited the deployment of object storage to date. Scality has made an effort to solve these issues with its new SAML 2.0 compliant S3 API and its Microsoft AD and AWS IAM compatible authentication and user management. RING 6.0’s code level compatibility enables companies to deploy on premise, in public cloud, or hybrid cloud.

Key benefits include:

  • The first S3 compatible object storage with full Microsoft AD and AWS IAM support, with exceptional levels of performance, including single bucket read/write/list performance
  • The most scalable data compliance solution on the market with rich capabilities for storing files in a non-rewriteable, non-erasable format (WORM), per SEC Rule 17a-4, enabling truly scalable compliant archives with optional service for migration from EMC Centera and NetApp Snaplock
  • Enhanced file system support, including automatic failover
  • Improved parallel and multi-user write performance to the same file system directories further enabling specific backup, and media and entertainment applications


RING version 6.0 is generally available now.

Scality RING

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