by Adam Armstrong

Scality Announces Version 6.4 Of S3 Server For RING

Today at Amazon re:Invent in Las Vegas, Nevada, Scality announced the latest version of its flagship object storage software, RING. The latest version, 6.4, includes extended security features that are becoming crucial in today’s evolving digital business environment. The company is also announcing that it was joined AWS marketplace and has released the Open Source S3 Server to the market.

RING is a petabyte-scale, software-only storage solution that is designed to support file, object, and VM storage in a single storage pool without application customization, third party gateways, or storage appliance lock-in all at 50-70% lower cost. RING allows hardware choice at deployment. Version 6.4 includes new security and operational features. Some of the new operational features include component-level API probes, health-status checks, integrated metadata backup/restore, hot-standby and recovery for multi-site S3. With the new features, Scailty states that RING will continue to deliver the performance that customers have come to expect.

Key features include:

  • Encryption at rest, with integration in customer’s key management service (KMS)
  • Extension of the S3 IAM model to deliver secure multi-tenancy and granular access control
  • Integration with AWS REST and native tools for user management
  • Support for groups and access control policies
  • Extended single-sign-on capabilities to support temporary credential leasing and expiration
  • Support for S3 based bucket and object versioning to support compliance
  • Disaster Recovery Mode providing business continuance even in the event of a datacenter failure and simultaneous component (disk or server) failures in the remaining datacenter

Scality is now in AWS APN program as a partner. Along with this partnership, Scality announced its S3 Server Open Source version through the Amazon AWS Marketplace. Scality will be at booth #420 at AWS re:Invent.

Scality RING

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