by Marshall Gunnell

Scality Announces Zenko 1.0

Today Scality announced what they are calling the industry’s first and only cloud-native multi-cloud data controller, Zenko 1.0. Zenko, which is available in both open source and enterprise editions, seeks to address the issues of modern cloud application development and complex data management by giving users more control over their data while still leveraging the efficiencies of private and public clouds.

Enabled by an extensible data workflow engine and advanced metadata search, Zenko provides users the ability to store, manage, and search data across multiple private and public clouds across a unified interface.

Zenko 1.0 provides the following benefits and features:

  • Stores all data unmodified so that it can be accessed and acted on in the cloud directly
  • Enables data mobility for strategic data placement in the most efficient location
  • Provides a single endpoint through which data can be stored, retrieved, and searched across any location
  • Enables unified data management through a secure cloud portal from any location
  • On-premises (on bare metal servers) or in-cloud deployment using Kubernetes orchestration framework


Zenko 1.0 open source edition is available for free download.

Zenko 1.0

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