by Adam Armstrong

Scality Broadens Enterprise Adoption & Adds Self-Service Trial Of RING

Today Scality announced that it has new and expanded deployments of its RING software in media and entertainment services, Deluxe OnDemand and Dailymotion, as well as Phoenix, a provider of cloud, managed IT services. Scality is also announcing the launch of a self-service RING trial that is available to anyone. Now everyone who would like to try a massive-scale, software-based storage platform can.

RING is a petabyte-scale, software-only storage solution that is designed to support file, object, and VM storage in a single storage pool without application customization, third party gateways, or storage appliance lock-in all at 50-70% lower cost. RING allows hardware choice at deployment. Scality has continued to make updates and advancements to RING such as native scale out file system, use case oriented performance enhancements, and OpenStack integration. These advancements have led to new deployments and partnerships that cumulate in the support of over 500 million end users worldwide.

Deluxe OnDemand has over 80,000 titles they stream to various customers. Deluxe uses Scality RING because of its performance, reliability, and cost-savings. RING’s scale-out file system enables integration with existing servers. It also gives them enough throughput performance to ingest up to 10TB of content a day. RING’s erasure coding enables highly efficient data resilience to protect large video files for as little as 29% overhead. Deluxe is now able to ingest new titles with file system interfaces and stream the same content through parallel HTTP REST interfaces, without the need for storage content delivery network providers.

Dailymotion is the second largest video site in the world (second to YouTube). Dailymotion has been using RING since June last year to host 40 million video titles. Since then they have doubled their RING deployment up to 17PB. What drew Dailymotion to Scality and RING was its hardware-independence (it can be deployed on any x86 server and even mixed and matched). As with Deluxe above, RING’s erasure coding protects the large video files and allows RING to tolerate multiple types of failures (including entire chassis) without impacting data access.

With its ability to tolerate multiple types of failures (and its ability to self heal in minutes versus hours), RING became an attractive choice for Phoenix, a UK provider of cloud, managed IT services. Not only is the reliability a deciding factor, crucial in Phoenix’s case, the hardware-independence was also a big selling point. Phoenix wanted a solution that it could run on a mix of HP servers initially and as it scaled up.

Scality is also announcing a self-service, limited trial of RING. This gives all that are interested a chance to test out RING’s capabilities without the need for special hardware or difficult deployments.


The self-service RING trial is available now.

Scality RING trial

Deluxe OnDemand main site

Dailymotion main site

Phoenix main site

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