by Adam Armstrong

Scality Partners With Storage Made Easy

Today Scality announced a partnership with Storage Made Easy (SME). Combined the two companies will offer a joint solution that offers customers Scality’s object storage solution with a fully enabled Enterprise File Share and Sync Fabric from SME. This would allow customers to provide storage access across global organizations and service providers.

The joint solution is made up from Scality’s RING and SME’s Enterprise File Share and Sync Fabric (EFSS). The two companies claim that this solution will help customers to deploy enterprise applications such as file sharing and worldwide collaboration at massive scale, supporting millions of globally distributed users and petabytes of data. The new solution will offer secure access to Scality RING storage even form web and mobile devices. SME also provides native Cloud Drives for Mac, Windows and Linux that integrate the Scality RING directly into the business desktop, as well as web and mobile apps for anywhere, anytime access.

RING is a petabyte-scale, software-only storage solution that is designed to support file, object, and VM storage in a single storage pool without application customization, third party gateways, or storage appliance lock-in all at 50-70% lower cost. RING allows hardware choice at deployment. Scality has continued to make updates and advancements to RING such as native scale out file system, use case oriented performance enhancements, and OpenStack integration. These advancements have led to new deployments and partnerships that cumulate in the support of over 500 million end users worldwide.

The SME EFSS aims to help IT get a handle on cloud sprawl with a “blanket” it can wrap around all their data whether it is on-premises and/or in public or private clouds. In other words the SME EFSS can allow companies to unify and access their data regardless of where it is stored. This, in turn, would allow for easier management and governance. SME also claims that it can help bridge the gap between object storage and file storage by providing users with a familiar view similar their existing file-based solutions.

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