by Adam Armstrong

Scality Raises Another $45 Million In Series D Funding

Today Scality announced it has raised another $45 million in Series D funding, bringing the total investment in the company to $80 million. This round of funding including a new investor in BroadBand Tower, Inc., existing investors such as Menlo Ventures, IDInvest, BPI France, Iris Capital, and Omnes Capital and Galileo Partners, and 65% of Scality staff also invested in the company. With the funding, Scality intends to expand its sales force in North America, expand internationally, and support its resellers.

Scality has been able to raise its revenue over 400% since its last round of funding in July of 2013. Its staff has almost quadrupled, it has added several new customers including Deluxe, RTL II, and Phoenix, and has partnered with Dell and HP. Through these partnerships with Dell and HP, Scality claims that more than 50% of the server market is reselling its RING software. To further expand interest in its RING software, Scality also released a free trial earlier this year.

Scality has been expanding into Europe and Asia Pacific over the last two years. In order to address a growing Japanese customer base, they have opened a Japanese subsidiary, Scality KK. Along with BroadBand Tower being an investor in the company, they have also entered a strategic partnership as the first Cloud Solutions Partner in Japan. Scality is also expanding in North America with its Boston Research and Development Center.

RING is a petabyte-scale, software-only storage solution that is designed to support file, object, and VM storage in a single storage pool without application customization, third party gateways, or storage appliance lock-in all at 50-70% lower cost. RING allows hardware choice at deployment. Scality has continued to make updates and advancements to RING such as native scale out file system, use case oriented performance enhancements, and OpenStack integration. These advancements have led to new deployments and partnerships that cumulate in the support of over 500 million end users worldwide.

Scality will take this new funding and accelerate existing product development efforts and bring more research to market in the areas of multi-geo services, file/object interoperability, and security.

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