by Adam Armstrong

Scality Releases RING 7.4 LTS

Today Scality announced RING 7.4 Long Term Support (LTS) release. The latest release of Scality’s scale-out file and object storage has been streamlined to ease deployments and operations. Its also comes in a new three server configuration for HPE Apollo platforms that give smaller users a more affordable entry-point. 

RING has been out for some times now and each update has tackled another common issue in IT such as capabilities and economics. This time the company is focusing on operational ease for version 7.4. Scality has released a new RING Supervisor UI that is easy to use for both monitoring and management including all aspects of the software’s native AWS S3 and file storage interfaces. The UI also allow private labeling giving partners and cloud providers the ability to brand their Scality RING solutions. 

The company also introduced its unified installer that aims to deploy RING in less than an hour on any of 45 reference platform architectures, including the new 3-server entry point configurations on HPE Apollo 4200/4510 server platforms. Another new feature is the “at-a-glance” dashboard with REST API, unified trending and forecasting metrics and KPIs, monitoring, alerts, server and disk monitoring for HPE Apollo server platforms and easy point-and-click provisioning of S3 and file system services.  There is a new Service Provider portal giving secure management of the RING’s integrated AWS-compatible Identity and Access Management (IAM) multi-tenancy services, including provisioning of new Accounts, Users, Groups and Policies, plus an S3 browser that provides integrated management of S3 Buckets and Object data, enhances its features for cloud providers.  


Scality RING 7.4 LTS is available now.

Scality RING

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