by Adam Armstrong

Scality Releases Zenko A Multi-Cloud Controller

Today Scality announced the release of its new open source, Multi-Cloud Data Controller, Zenko. Zenko is open source and free to use, extend, and embed into developer applications. Zenko will provide a unified interface across clouds, allowing any cloud to be accessed with the same API and access layer.

Building off of the success of Scality’s S3 Server, Zenko is being released to the open source community, under an Apache 2.0 license, so that any developer can use and extend Zenko in their development. Zenko will add in productivity as applications will no longer have to be rewritten to support multiple clouds.

Zenko Multi-Cloud Controller expands the Scality S3 Server, and includes:

  • S3 API – Providing a single API set and 360° access to any cloud. Developers want to have an abstraction layer allowing them the freedom to use any cloud at any time. Scality Zenko provides a single unifying interface using the Amazon S3 API, supporting multi-cloud backend data storage both on-premises and in the Amazon S3 public cloud as well as other services, including: Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform. Available now for Amazon S3, Scality RING and Docker. Coming soon for other cloud platforms.
  • Backbeat data workflow - A policy-based data management engine used for seamless data replication, data migration services or extended cloud workflow services like cloud analytics and content distribution. Available in September.
  • Clueso metadata search - an Apache Spark-based metadata search for expanded insight to understand data. Clueso makes it easy to interpret petabyte-scale data and easily manipulate it on any cloud to separate high-value information from data noise. It provides the ability to subset data based on key attributes. Available in September.

In September a new update for Zenko will be out that will add data management controls to protect vital business assets, and metadata search to quickly subset large datasets based on simple business terms.

Availability and Pricing

Zenko is available now for free.


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