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Scality RING8 Launched

Today, Scality launched RING8, a software-defined solution for large-scale on-premises storage of unstructured data. Scality was founded in 2009 and has two major products: RING, an object storage software platform; and the Zenko multi-cloud controller, available in open source and enterprise editions.

Scality RING8

What is Scality RING8?

Scality RING8 is the latest generation of their RING object storage software platform. Foremost among the new features in RING8 is an eXtended Data Management (XDM) tool, integrating cloud data orchestration into the RING. The RING8 eXtended Data Management tool integrates data management across multiple RINGs (as in edge/core configurations), providing a global metadata namespace and search across RING and public clouds. RING8 XDM also brings public and private cloud data management and governance capabilities for hybrid- and multi-cloud infrastructures, data mobility across RING and clouds with lifecycle tiering and 1-M replication.
Other key features of RING8 are enhancements to RING's stringent security, multi-tenancy, and cloud-native application support. Enhanced security comes in the form of new role-based access control (RBAC), support for Key Management Systems (KMS) over KMIP 1.2 API, and SAML/Active Directory integration.  RING8 adds multi-tenancy for service providers including S3 based quotas for STaaS and AWS IAM Bucket Policies (previously User/Group policies). RING8 will have support for both cloud-native and legacy applications including AWS S3 bucket lifecycle transition API (XDM) & bucket notification API, OpenStack Swift API (Queens compatible) and support for NFS v4.

Scality RING

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