by Lyle Smith

Schneider Electric Announces New Edge Data Center Solutions and Partnerships

Schneider Electric has made a few new announcements at Innovation Summit Barcelona, including new data center solutions designed for edge computing challenges in hybrid IT environments. These solutions include a micro data center hardware designed to maximize space and resiliency as well as four secure, fast, flexible and configurable solutions that use the latest management technology. Also announced is a new strategic partnership with Avnet and Iceotope, creating a joint venture to develop liquid cooling solutions for data centers.

EcoStruxure Data Center Solutions is dubbed the “latest evolution of Schneider Electric’s integrated systems,” indicating that it combines power, cooling, racks, and management to support deployment of distributed IT networks in all types of environments:

  • EcoStruxure Micro Data Center - S-Series; C-Series; R-Series: A self-contained, single-rack enclosure inclusive of remote monitoring and management, services, physical security, UPS, power distribution, and cooling devices for a fast, simple, and customized way to design, deploy, and manage edge computing solutions in multiple environments.
  • EcoStruxure Row Data Center - S-Series; C-Series; R-Series: Pre-engineered single row solutions to modernize infrastructure are highly configurable and scalable encompassing racks, power, cooling, and management systems, removing time and complexity from design to installation and operation in multiple environments
  • EcoStruxure Pod Data Center – Pod: Rack-ready pod systems to deploy IT at scale offer simple integration with a variety of cooling and power configurations resulting in a simplified design and installation process and up to 15 percent reduction in CapEx cost.
  • EcoStruxure Modular Data Center: All-in-One; IT Hall; Power - Prefabricated, pretested solutions delivered as functional building blocks of power, IT, or all-in-one data centers delivering flexible and predictable deployment and the ability to scale capacity quickly

Also unveiled is Schneider Electric’s new 6U Wall Mount. This new mount is ideal for edge computing environments and for those with limited available real estate, as it uses no floor space and is “60 percent less intrusive” than other wall mount enclosures (says the company). With it, large/heavy edge servers, networking equipment, and UPS devices can be safely and securely mounted on a wall. It also features shock packaging, allowing partners and integrators to pre-install IT for easy and standardized rollouts, while its integrated dust filter and fan ventilation make it great for light industrial environments.

Lastly, is the company’s collaboration with Avnet and Iceotope. This announcement has unveiled that they will be developing new chassis-level immersive liquid cooling solutions for data centers. Avnet will leverage its technology integration services, Iceotope will bring its chassis-level immersion cooling technologies, and Schneider Electric will use its experience in data center infrastructure solutions.

All three companies believe that this technology will bring noticeable savings for organizations, indicating that chassis-level, immersion-cooled solution demonstrated CapEx savings of 15% versus traditional air-cooled solutions and energy savings of at least 10% percent. This, Schneider Electric continues, will yield 20-year TCO savings of more than 11%.

 The company also indicates the following other benefits of their liquid cooling solutions:

  • Efficient: No need for air conditioning, delivers the same processing power with less energy
  • Silent: No industrial drone from fans and pumps
  • Resilient: All components are in a sealed module that resists dust and smoke
  • Compact: Smaller, more flexible footprint

EcoStruxure Micro Data Center

EcoStruxure Row Data Center

EcoStruxure Pod Data Center

EcoStruxure Modular Data Center

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