by Adam Armstrong

Schneider Electric Introduces New Prefabricated Data Center Offerings

Today Schneider Electric announced new prefabricated data center solutions. The company has expanded on its existing offerings with two new product families that are designed to generate more flexibility, reliability, and speed deployments. Schneider also plans on getting these prefabricated solutions to customers faster with its new Quick Ship Program. And the company has opened up a new manufacturing facility located in West Chester, Ohio, fairly close to us here at StorageReview.

Big Data (including that being generated by mobile devices, cloud connectivity, and the Internet of Thing [IoT]) can place serious demands on IT infrastructure. These demands mean that organizations need more options when it comes to setting up data centers. Schneider’s prefabricated data centers offer companies, not only more flexibility, but a more cost-effective and lower risk method when planning their new data centers.

New solutions include:

  • SmartShelter Data Hall: A multiple-module configuration with base designs of up to 105 racks, SmartShelter Data Hall delivers 500kW+ of capacity and addresses the needs of large enterprise and colocation and service providers alike.  The Data Hall designs are available with highly efficient air economization or chilled water-cooling and can be integrated with a power module for critical power backup.
  • SmartShelter Container: Complete, all-in-one physical infrastructure base designs in an ISO shipping container. SmartShelter Containers offer small and simple four to 10 rack solutions and are ideal for deploying data centers in edge applications or remote, ruggedized environments such as oil and gas exploration sites, mining operations and military installations.

Existing solutions include:

  • SmartShelter Module: Prefabricated data center integrated into one or two purpose-built module(s), providing a pre-engineered, pre-tested fully functional data center. 
  • Power Modules and Skids: These configurations are designed with the necessary components to support critical power for new data centers or to address stranded capacity issues, complete with UPS, input and output switchgear, fire suppression, monitoring and security in a small footprint.

To meet the demands of the new line of prefabricated solutions, Schneider is opening a new manufacturing facility in West Chester, Ohio. This new 100,000-squarefoot production facility is dedicated to the construction of its prefabricated data centers. Schneider states that the new facility will enable it to reduce shipping time and costs while increasing production capacity.

Customers that need the flexibility, scale, cost-effectiveness, and reduced shipping time of these prefabricated solutions can’t wait forever to get them. So Schneider also introduced its Quick Ship Program. This program means that Schneider will stock up on long lead-time items to reduce the overall wait for customers to less than 8 weeks on specific items such as SmartShelter modules and Megawatt power skids. Schneider will also be offering a single service package for the complete suite of prefabricated solutions. All equipment will be covered in this package.

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