by Lyle Smith

Seagate Announces BarraCuda And FireCuda Mobile Hard Drives

Seagate has announced the immediate availability of the 5TB mobile BarraCuda and the 2TB FireCuda, two new mobile consumer drives based on Seagate’s 2.5 inch 1TB platters. The BarraCuda drive is offered in both internal (a 7mm thin mobile or laptop upgrade design) and external (laptop upgrade design and a 15mm) models, while the FireCuda is the company’s thinnest and lightest 2TB hard drive, offering impressive performance and capacity at a competitive price. Both BarraCuda mobile and FireCuda are part of the recently launched Guardian Series.

Seagate's BarraCuda line has one of the market's highest capacity points for desktops and mobile computers--with drives up to 10TB in total storage--and is targeted to consumers as an option for upgrades with a range of different price points. The BarraCuda Pro model features 7200-RPM spin speeds for good performance and load times while gaming or performing heavy workloads. 

The new FireCuda leverages 8GB of flash for speedy quick boot times, application starts, and game load speeds. Moreover, the Seagate drive leverages new firmware that gives it control over data storage and management for system tasks and applications-in-use; this allows the platters to spin down and lower power consumption without the expense of performance. The FireCude also uses Multi-Tier Caching, highly sophisticated caching algorithms that continuously analyze how users use their system. Seagate indicates that this technology tweaks virtually every aspect of FireCuda’s operations in order to maximize performance based on user trends.

BarraCuda mobile and FireCuda are backed by a 2-year limited and 5-year limited warranty, respectively.


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