by Mark Kidd

Seagate Announces “Kinetic” Cloud Storage Architecture

Seagate is today unveiling its new open storage platform intended for hyperscale and cloud storage systems, using an architecture which connects bulk hard drive storage directly to the application layer. The Kinetic storage platform utilizes open APIs with Ethernet as the interconnect protocol to enable storage platforms to make use of scale-out HDD arrays for object-based storage that does not require the overhead imposed by storage servers and filesystems.

New Seagate hard drive technology underlies Kinetic, which allows client libraries to interact with Kinetic-based storage using a Key / Value API which the company is making available to developers and service providers today. Seagate is also releasing a drive simulator, software libraries, and sample code including working Swift and Riak code.

According to Seagate, streaming object data directly to disk can improve write performance by up to four times over HDD arrays using a typical tiered storage architecture, while metadata overhead can be reduced by as much as 50%. With less hardware required per rack to operate Kinetic datacenters, up to 600 drives totalling 2,400TB can be made available per rack.

Download Seagate Kinetic Open Storage developer toolkits

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