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Seagate Announces New NAS Lines

Today Seagate Technology announced a new line of NAS solutions specifically designed for small businesses without dedicated IT resources. The two new NAS lines are the Seagate NAS and Seagate NAS Pro. The Seagate NAS family is available in 2- and 4-bay configurations, comes with a Marvel Dual core 1.2GHz processor, 512MB of RAM, and runs in capacities from 2TB to 20TB. The Seagate NAS Pro line is available in 2-, 4-, and 6-bay configurations, debuts Intel's latest dual-core 1.7GHz C200 Series processor, 2GB of RAM and runs in capacities from 2TB to 30TB. Both NAS lines use a new operating system, NAS OS 4.

NAS OS 4 has a redesigned Device Manager that allows effortless management of data and its App Manager and Sdrive allow for remote access. Now data is always available and can be access on any platform. The new NAS lines also create a private cloud that physically resides on Seagate NAS, keeping the files centrally located while allowing access for clients and partners. NAS OS 4 is thanks in large part to the LaCie design team that has now fully integrated with Seagate. The results clearly show, as the usability in our review units (Seagate NAS 2 and 4-bay) is very good and fluid in every aspect thus far.

Seagate's App Manager supports add-on apps from both Seagate and third parties. The Seagate NAS and NAS Pro lines come equipped with the following apps: Seagate Antivirus, Seagate Surveillance Manager, WordPress, Own Cloud, and BitTorrent Sync. While the list of third party apps is small today, Seagate anticipates rapid growth in the ecosystem as the platform matures.

Seagate NAS and NAS Pro lines are wholly developed and supported by Seagate. Each NAS is populated with Seagate NAS HDDs in capacities up to 5TB. Seagate NAS HDD drives are designed specifically for network storage applications like this.

Availability and Pricing

Seagate NAS and NAS Pro lines are now available. The Seagate NAS line runs in capacity from 2TB to 20TB and has a price range from $300 to $1,500. The Seagate NAS Pro line runs in capacity from 2TB to 30TB and has a price range from $400 to $2,500.

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