by Adam Armstrong

Seagate Combines Cloud, HPC, and Electronic Solutions

Seagate Technology announced today that it was combining its Cloud Storage, High Performance Computing, and Electronic Solutions groups. Seagate is leveraging this combination to further align the company’s full breadth of enterprise storage hardware capabilities.

Here at StorageReview we frequently talk about and review Seagate products. In most cases we are reviewing one of their enterprise HDDs (including their 8TB SMR Archive drive) or one of their small to home business NAS devices (such as 4-bay NAS line). However, Seagate has also acquired a “unique set of capabilities in storage systems, high performance computing and flash memory PCIe.” Through these capabilities Seagate has been able to OEM and cloud customer demands.

Combining the various groups aligns all Seagate’s expertise and capabilities to tackle next generation workloads and provide high levels of performance, scale, reliability, and flexibility, all the while reducing total cost of ownership. The combination will provide enterprise storage customers with solutions that offer an increasingly differentiated value proposition in the marketplace.

Phil Brace, currently the Vice President leading the Electronic Solutions Business Group, will be leading the new combine group organization.

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