by Brian Beeler

Seagate First to Announce 1TB Hard Drive Platters


Seagate has announced plans to update their Barracuda XT 3TB line of hard drives with three 1TB platters (625 Gigabits per square inch), replacing the current build of five 600GB platters. Seagate’s line of GoFlex Desktop external hard drives will be the first to feature the new platter configuration. GoFlex products are being refreshed soon to feature the new three-platter Barracuda XT. Bare drives are expected to be available in the middle of this year.

Seagate 3TB Barracuda XT

The current generation 3TB Barracuda XT did well in our review, posting good scores in our HTPC and Gaming tests - struggling only with some random activity. The new platter configuration could boost the drive's performance and may even reduce power consumption, which is already pretty low for a drive in this class. That all remains to be seen though, we'll post a revamped review as soon as we get a new 3TB on our testbench. 

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