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Seagate Introduces Nytro XF1230 SATA SSD

Today Seagate announced that it is continuing to expand its Nytro line and its flash footprint with the new Nytro XF1230 SATA SSD. Though Seagate seemed a little slow out of the gate when it came to flash, they seem to be making up for it here recently with announcements such as this one and their recent 2TB NVMe SSD in both M.2 and HHHL AIC form factors. We have wondered out loud in the past where Seagate plans to go with flash and it looks like they’ve responded.

Private and public cloud data centers are continuing to grow. As they grow they are looking to SSDs for both their performance and power saving capabilities. Seagate is seizing this opportunity with its new Nytro XF1230 SATA SSD. The new drive is said to have better read performance (which is what cloud providers are looking for), deliver enterprise endurance and reliability, as well as being cost-effective. And using a SATA interface will allow the drive to be integrated easily into legacy storage infrastructures.

As stated above, the Nytro XF1230 SATA SSD is read-optimized. Seagate is claiming a sustained random read IOPS of 98K across all capacities. They go on to claim that this performance is ideal for boot, operational databases, customer-facing web server applications, data analytics and reporting. The drive offers end-to-end data protection and error-correction algorithms for reliability, and power-loss data protection to maintain data integrity and to prevent loss of data in the event of unexpected power interruptions. Speaking of power, when active, the XF1230 only uses 4.8W or less (depending on capacity-tje lower the capacity the lower the power footprint).

Nytro XF1230 specifications:

  • Form factor: 2.5” x 7mm
  • Capacities: 240GB | 480GB | 960GB | 1.92TB
  • Interface: SATA 6Gb/s
  • NAND type: eMLC
  • Performance
    • Sequential Read Sustained, 128KB: 560MB/s
    • Sequential Write Sustained, 128KB: 290 | 500 | 460 | 430MB/s
    • Random Read Sustained, 4KB QD32: 98K IOPS
    • Random Write Sustained, 4KB QD32: 8K | 15K | 16K | 17K IOPS
    • Average Read Latency, 4KB QD1: 130 | 135 | 130 |135μs
    • Average Write Latency, 4KB QD1: 105 | 56 | 55 | 59μs
  • Endurance
    • DWPD: 0.5 | 0.6 | 0.67 | 0.67
    • Nonrecoverable Read Errors per Bits Read: 1 per 10E17
    • MTBF: 2M hours
    • Warranty: 5-year
  • Power
    • +5V Active Max Average Power: 2.9 | 3.9 | 4.7 | 4.8W
    • Average Idle Power: 0.6 | 0.6 | 0.7 | 0.7W
  • Environmental
    • Temperature, Operating: 0 to 70°C
    • Temperature, Nonoperating: -40 to 95°C
    • Temperature Change Rate/Hr, Max: 30°C
    • Shock, 0.5ms: 1500Gs
    • Vibration, 7Hz to 800Hz: 3.08Grms
  • Physical
    • Height: 0.276in (7mm)
    • Width: 2.75in (69.85mm)
    • Depth: 3.951in (100.35mm)
    • Weight: 0.187lbs (85g)


Seagate is currently sampling the drive and expects to start production shipments soon. 

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