by Adam Armstrong

Seagate Introduces Portable Duet That Syncs To Amazon Drive

Today Seagate Technologies announced its new portable external hard drive with one-to-one cloud-syncing capabilities with Amazon Drive, the Seagate Duet. Seagate and Amazon have worked together to bring customers a user-friendly local storage device with cloud storage capabilities. The Duet delivers 1TB of local capacity and one year of Amazon Drive unlimited storage. And the Duet can sync all of the data on it to Amazon Drive, acting as a dual backup in one device.

People feel very strongly about the photos and videos that they take with their mobile devices, whether they are creating memories or just having a laugh with their friends. The Seagate Duet not only allows users to backup their media files from their phone (or work files), they can also sync them to Amazon Drive where they can access them from anywhere with an internet connection. Not only will users have a physical backup in their hands, but there will be a cloud backup incase anything were to happen to the Duet.

All the files can be saved and later accessed through the Amazon Drive app. That means that not only can users easily backup and sync any file of their choosing as long as they have a connection, but if they have a large library of files in their Amazon Drive account, they can access them wherever they are to reminisce or share.

Availability and pricing

Seagate Duet can be ordered now exclusively through Amazon. The drive is priced at $99.99 and comes with one free year of Amazon Drive.  


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