by Lyle Smith

Seagate Launches 2.4TB Enterprise Performance 10K 2.5-inch HDD

Seagate has announced the launch of their 2.4TB Enterprise Performance 10K 2.5-inch HDD, touting both market-best performance and capacity for 10K 2.5-inch drives. This budget-friendly drive is based on Seagate’s 9th-generation enterprise firmware (successor to the 8th generation) and is specifically designed for Database and transaction processing, VDI, file and print serving and similar workloads. Seagate also claims that it well-suited for mission-critical servers and external storage arrays, power- and space-constrained data centers, green IT and drive-retirement cost reduction initiatives, compliance and data security initiatives and for data center migrations from 3.5-inch drive systems to next-generation technology.

Seagate adds that their next-gen Enterprise Performance 10K HDD offers consistent, secure and reliable storage access without inherent higher-costs of SSDs and other more expensive high-performance alternatives. This allows organizations to scale up user capacity, accelerate business transactions, reduce service calls and support costs, increase storage capacity and comply with regulatory requirements.

The Seagate Enterprise Performance 10K 2.4TB HDD will be able to reap the benefits of the company’s Enhanced Caching technology: TurboBoost for reads and Advanced Write Caching for writes. Seagate’s new drive also includes FastFormat, which provides customers with a seamless way to leverage the high performing advanced formats and makes it easy for them to upgrade from 512 emulation to 4K native formats in the future. Moreover, Seagate Secure SED and FIPS 140-2 government-grade models provide security for data-at-rest, and Instant Secure Erase (ISE), which can drive down IT HDD retirement costs.


The Seagate 2.4TB Enterprise Performance 10K 2.5-inch HDD indicates that it is now shipping to select partners, and expects volume shipping sometime in the next quarter.

Seagate Enterprise Performance 10K 2.4TB HDD

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