by Adam Armstrong

Seagate Launches 5U84 High-Density Enclosure

Today Seagate Technology launched a new high-density enclosure built with a next-generation operating system, the 5U84. The new enclosure is all about high capacity, high availability, and high performance. The new Seagate Systems’ OS is said to both power the 5U84 and improve its performance and reliability.

Data is continuing to explode in growth with the latest IDC estimate putting it at 163 zettabytes by 2025. As the name implies, the 5U84 is a 5U form factor that can store up to 84 drives for a total raw capacity of 1PB in a single chassis. The 5U84 works with 8TB, 10TB and 12TB HDDs. And due to its high-density, it will take up overall less floor space lowering OPEX.

On the software and data protection side of things, the 5U84 leverages Seagate’s Advanced Distributed Autonomic Protection Technology (ADAPT). This data protection technology claims that it can eliminate up to 95% of performance degradation during a disk drive rebuild when compared to traditional RAID solutions, or as Seagate likes to put it, it is “self-healing.” The company goes on to state that this technology disperses data across multiple drives, allocating more resources to rebuilds, thereby reducing the time needed, minimizing the risk of a data unavailability issue and giving the end user uninterrupted access.

Key Features:

  • 5U rack-mount enclosure stores up to 8 petabytes of data per rack
  • Efficient power conversion
  • Up to 84 3.5” SAS hard disk drives or solid state drives per 5U enclosure
  • Drawer design provides extremely high density per rack unit
  • Easy access to hot swap drives
  • Expansion capability up to 336 drives
  • Dual 12Gb SAS I/O modules with integral data path redundancy for high-availability
  • Dual controller configuration that supports multiple chassis, which lowers SKUs and complex configuration issues
  • Unparalleled optimization and reliability

Seagate Enterprise Systems

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