by eugene

Seagate's Cheetah 15K.5 Announcement

Industry leader Seagate Technology was recently the first to pull the trigger on a next-generation 15K RPM disc drive with its announcement of the Cheetah 15K.5. Through doubling the drive's flagship capacity to 300 gigabytes, the firm combines the ultra-high I/Os per second delivered by a top-end spindle speed with the larger storage ceilings associated with 10K RPM units.

Of special note is the 15K.5's use of perpendicular recording to maximize capacity, a technique first debuted in the company's own Momentus 5400.3 notebook drive. Its deployment in Seagate's crown jewel is the surest sign yet that this technology is ready for prime time.

More information may be found in Seagate's Press Release.