by eugene

Seagate's Next 15K RPM Drive

Today Seagate announces the Savvio 15K, a drive that combines the benefits introduced with the 10K RPM Savvio with a 15,000 RPM spindle speed.

Though shipments of 2.5” form-factor enterprise drives constituted a small minority in the past two years, the firm indicates it expects 2007 to be a banner year for the smaller drives, that 2.5” 10K drives will comprise nearly half of the year’s shipments.

Seagate has already demonstrated a firm belief in the 2.5” form-factor’s smaller size, lower power consumption, higher IOps, and greater reliability by phasing out the “legacy” 3.5” 10K drive (Cheetah 10K) in favor of the smaller Savvio 10K.

The Savvio 15K represents a move by the company to be first out the door with an ultra-high speed 2.5” drive and promises to deliver a previously unachievable balance between seek times and spindle counts.

Seagate’s newest, equipped with the SAS interface, will ship in 36 and 73 GB capacities and features a 2.9 ms seek time with a 16 MB buffer.