by Adam Armstrong

Seagate To Integrate Samsung HDDs Without Restriction

In yet another integration story this month, Seagate announced today that it would now completely and without restriction integrate the Samsung hard drive into Seagate. Similar to the decision to allow WD to fully integrate HGST, China's Ministry of Commerce (MOFCOM) announced its decision to allow Samsung HDD business to be integrated into Seagate restriction free.

Also like the WD/HGST integration, there was a “hold separate” condition when Seagate acquired Samsung’s hard drive business. And again, with ongoing dialogue Seagate was able to convince MOFCOM to allow the integration. As part of the decision announced today, MOFCOM has maintained the requirement that Seagate allow customers to buy products from other vendors, and that they not compel TDK China Ltd to sell HDD heads exclusively to Seagate.

This marks the sixth acquisition/integration story this month. Starting with the big acquisitions of EMC by Dell and WD buying SanDisk, to the smaller acquisitions of Imation buying Connected Data, HGST and WD completing integration, and SolarWinds being acquired by private investors. With roughly a week left in October it will be interesting to see if anyone else gets bought, sold, or integrated.

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