by Lyle Smith

SecureDrives Announces Self-Encrypting SSD With Physical Data Destruction

SecureDrives has announced that it will globally launch the world’s first 2.5inch Self Encrypting SSD with built in GSM and physical data destruction on demand, taking high-end data security to an unprecedented level next week. The new 2.5inch SDSRDD drive is designed to give a complete peace of mind, providing governments and organizations with a high data security solution for ‘data at rest’. The unit maintains data integrity before and after the event of loss or theft due to a series of new technology and security concepts. 

The drive provides several world firsts, including a separate two factor authentication process using a token, which effectively removes the PC from the authentication process. This safe-guards against keyloggers’ hardware and software as well as the inherent weaknesses of PC based passwords.

Another first is the ability to physically fracture the NAND Flash storage and security processor. This process is built into the drive and delivers the same result as taking a hammer to the device, destroying the NAND Flash and preventing any data recovery techniques from being applied. In addition, with built in GSM, the drive can be physically destroyed if it is lost or stolen. There is also a full audit trail from the command; the drive will send a reply to the requesting phone with confirmation of the command execution as well as a date and time stamp.

For more information visit the company website.

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