by Lyle Smith

SimpliVity OmniStack 3.0 Announced

​SimpliVity has announced its new OmniStack 3.0 Data Virtualization Platform, indicating that its release is the most significant product launch since the company was founded. OmniStack is the transformational technology behind SimpliVity’s hyperconverged infrastructure solutions, offering multi-site deployments with a new Unified Protected ROBO solution and a new optimized platform.

Combining SimpliVity’s hyperconverged infrastructure with OmniStack 3.0 provides enterprise-grade scalability, performance, and data protection for single and multi-site deployments. With the new, automatic multi-site network discovery, such as support for hub and spoke configurations, SimpliVity’s Unified Protected ROBO solution tackles the complex management and data protection needs of enterprises that have remote office/branch offices. Additionally, it allows SimpliVity’s new entry-level OmniCube CN-1200 system to be well positioned for small ROBOs at a price that they claim is up to 50% lower than its competitor's hyperconverged solutions.

OmniStack 3.0 is also built to support single-site deployments for mission-critical applications, as the newest updates offers an increase in performance up 30% for mission-critical workloads, such as Microsoft Exchange and OLTP, in addition to an industry-best cost per VDI desktop with full data protection. Its new Deployment Manager automatically discovers, which allows for a much faster deployment of multiple nodes in parallel for single-site and multi-site deployments by up to 5x.

SimpliVity’s OmniStack 3.0 brings new capabilities for built-in data protection to help remove the need for traditional backup and DR solutions. For example, SimpliVity indicates that it is the only hyperconverged vendor that uses built-in file level restoration capabilities, which speeds up operational recovery for administrators. Additionally, version 3.0 offers new capabilities that allow administrators to set backup policies across multiple virtual machines in one session to improve workflow efficiency. The new reporting feature supports management by modeling the impact of backup frequency and retention policies to system resources before it implements them.

SimpliVity is also providing five hyperconvergence guarantees to their customers:

  • 90% capacity savings across your storage and backup combined.
  • 60-seconds or less, on average, for local backup or restore of a 1TB VM.
  • 3 clicks to backup, restore, clone or move a VM from a single console.
  • 60-seconds or less, on average, to create or update backup policies for 1000s of VMs across dozens of remote sites from a single console.
  • Add or remove a local or remote SimpliVity system without downtime, without interruption to local or remote backups, and without reconfiguration of backup policies or IP addresses


The OmniStack 3.0 Data Virtualization Platform is now available.

OmniStack 3.0 Data Virtualization

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