by Chris Thomas

SIOS Announces Enhancements to SIOS iQ Software

In a brief announcement, SIOS Technology Corp today announced an update to its SIOS iQ software. Specifically, the update to version 3.7 integrates the existing SIOS iQ analytics software with SQL Sentry Performance Advisor.

With the new update, customers can use analytics of both the VMware infrastructure and the SQL Server application environment to troubleshoot performance issues. Additionally, the update also includes new features like SIOS iQ and SQL Sentry Event Correlation, Performance Forecasting, and an Environmental Topology View in the SIOS PERC Dashboard.

But the June 10th update isn’t the end of the planned upgrades, as another patch (version 3.8) will be available on July 29th of this year. This update will include supplemental feature additions like a dense visualisation of the entire VMware environment called Cluster Topology View, a Rogue VMDK reporting feature to eliminate wasted space, and consolidated efficiency reports.

SIOS iQ is available for $100/month per host, or $1,600/host for a perpetual license, plus $400 a yea for update and maintenance service.

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