by Adam Armstrong

SIOS Releases iQ v3.5

Today SIOS Technology Corp. announced the latest release of its machine learning analytics solutions, SIOS iQ 3.5. This is the fifth update of iQ since its introduction in 2015. 3.5 comes with new features to deliver unparalleled accuracy and precision in capacity utilization and performance root cause analysis for VMware environments. The new update also includes dashboard enhancements for improved usability and a graphical topological impact view with the aim of enabling faster identification and resolution of issues.

SIOS iQ is an analytic platform that applies advanced machine learning analytics (advanced data analytics/Big Data approach) to broad data sets, including application and infrastructure data from third party tools and frameworks. Using SIOS iQ, IT will better be able to understand and explain behaviors and will learn how to predict the impact of changes and issues in dynamic virtual environments. SIOS iQ is updated in an ongoing fashion with the latest release improving precision and accuracy in identifying and resolving root causes of performance issues. Two of SIOS iQ's customers include Trend Micro and Datrix.

Features include:

  • Capacity Forecasting Analysis – SIOS iQ understands capacity utilization pattern to forecast how many days remain before data store(s) run out of free space. This feature optimizes infrastructure without risking costly emergencies. It can be used with the SIOS iQ Snapshot Waste analysis feature to optimize storage and maintain a predictable budget.
  • Enhanced Root Cause Analysis – This feature adds symptom analytics and graphically describes the topology of the impacted objects visually showing the user the infrastructure issue. In one click, it provides a deep understanding of issues by employing advanced topological behavior analysis to provide root cause of performance issues without the need to manually parse detailed data logs or compile and compare charts.

Availability and pricing

The SIOS iQ v3.5 is generally available today. The list price is $100 per month per host, paid annually. SIOS iQ is a subscription-based solution with 12x5 support. There is also a free, limited edition offered to test it out.


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