by Adam Armstrong

Smart IOPS Introduces Unobtanium FN SSD

Today Smart IOPS announced its new NVMe SSD geared towards the Storage Class Memory (SCM) market, Unobtanium FN. The new SSDs leverage Toshiba’s XL-Flash technology and come in capacities ranging from 800GB to 3.2TB. Smart IOPS will be demoing Unobtanium FN at Flash memory Summit 2019 from August 6 to August 8, at Booth Number 609.

Smart IOPS was founded by Manuel d’Abreu, Ashutosh Das, and Radhakrishnan Nair, and is known for their TruRandom technology. The company states that TruRandom can take its SSDs and speed applications’ performance, enable high IOPS, lower latency, and removed storage I/O bottlenecks. Smart IOPS looks to make it easier for CSP, HPC, and enterprise data centers to deploy I/O-intensive and latency sensitive applications with greater reliability and SLA, at what they state is a much lower cost. 

Channeling Avatar or perhaps Larry Niven, Unobtanium FN leverages the SCM technology, XL-FLASH. Much like Intel Optane, XL-Flash sits in the space in between DRAM and NAND providing a big performance bump and super lower latency, at a much lower cost than DRAM. For performance, the Unobtanium FN can deliver 1.7 million IOPS random read and 800K IOPS random write, while offing 75µs of 99.999% QoS latency for random read operations with a queue depth of 16 and 30µs of typical random read operation latency. For endurance, the new SDD can hit 15 drive writes per day for five year. 

The Unobtanium FN can offer significant performance enhancements at a reasonable price. This is very important for markets such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, data analytics, content delivery, and caching capabilities.

Smart IOPS

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