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SoftNAS Introduces New Cloud Editions

Today SoftNAS introduced new SoftNAS Cloud NAS products. The company claims that the new offerings will see improvements in read and write performance up to 400%. The new products include the Developer Edition, General Purpose Edition, High Performance Edition, and the Extreme Performance Edition.

SoftNAS provides software-defined NAS and file systems for object storage solutions. The company revolves around providing secure and powerful storage that works with any hardware, any data type, multiple storage backends, across any geography, and with any IT environment, including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, CenturyLink Cloud, and VMware vSphere.

Along with the new cloud editions, SoftNAS is also offering new capacities including 50TB, 100TB, 250TB, 500TB and 1PB. The full-featured SoftNAS Cloud NAS includes patented high availability, replication, deduplication and compression, encryption (at-rest and in-transit), storage snapshots, and data synchronization. And all editions of SoftNAS Cloud NAS 20TB or greater are now bundled with 24x7x365 Gold Support. The four new products and their benefits include:

  • Developer Edition - Free from SoftNAS up to 250GB in perpetuity on AWS and Azure Marketplaces
  • General Purpose Edition - Balances cost against memory and CPU resources
  • High Performance Edition - Ideal for read-intensive workloads that need additional CPU cores
  • Extreme Performance Edition - Supports very demanding workloads that require thousands of concurrent filesystem connections

SoftNAS is also releasing its new ObjectBacker Backend Storage Acceleration feature and patent-pending ObjFast technology. According to the company, customers can potentially see up to 400% increase in backend object storage (Azure Blob, AWS S3) performance versus the previous version. This can improve TCO and give customers more options when selecting block storage backends.

And finally, the company released the new SoftNAS Developer Edition. This is a free to use solution, with up to 250GB, that allows developers and architects to learn about and test SoftNAS Cloud NAS for non-production deployments.

Availability and Pricing

The new cloud editions are available now on AWS and Azure Marketplaces. All Marketplace editions of SoftNAS Cloud NAS of 20TB or greater are bundled with 24x7x365 Gold Support. Prices as low as $.01 per GB/month (volume annual pricing up to 16PB) and from $0.21/hour for on-demand marketplace pricing.

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