by Adam Armstrong

SolarWinds Announces WPM 3.0 & Pingdom

Today SolarWinds announced the latest enhancements to its web performance monitoring products including SolarWinds Orion Platform-based Web Performance Monitor (WPM), now WPM 3.0, and its SaaS-based SolarWinds Pingdom solution. The new web performance monitoring products are all about provide better monitoring capabilities while at the same time simplifying troubleshoot, that in turn makes the end user experience much better. SolarWinds will be demoing this technology and more at VMworld 2019 in San Francisco, August 25-29 at booth #1511.

WPM is website monitoring software that SolarWinds states is built to find and fix internal and external site and app performance issues. WPM monitors complete performance including continuous synthetic transactions, detailed load-times, browser-based transactions, and it can monitor multiple locations. 

WPM 3.0 benefits include:

  • An improved synthetic user monitoring solution which streamlines troubleshooting to quickly mitigate issues hindering the user experience of modern applications.
  • The ability to monitor the performance of websites and web-based applications from inside the firewall, helping ensure employees can gain access to the applications they need.
  • Improvements to the integrated view of website and web-based applications performance monitoring—making troubleshooting significantly faster via a single pane of glass.
  • Comprehensive monitoring of critical Microsoft application services also expands the breadth and depth of WPM’s capabilities. With WPM, users receive insight and visibility into application performance and health for supported Microsoft technologies.

Pingdom is part of the company’s application performance management suite. The SaaS provides web application performance monitoring outside the firewall, including real user monitoring (RUM), uptime, page speed, and synthetics. Pingdom is able to do all of the above by a real-time, outside-in look at a web application’s availability and performance that can help to ensure continual availability and performance.

New updates to Pingdom include:

  • Transaction check sleep – Some transactions take more time between steps. Pingdom added the capability to include a timed pause or “sleep” in a transaction before it checks to see if that step executed correctly, thus reducing the potential of a false failed test of a transaction step.
  • Contextual and actionable alerts – Users have requested the capability to leave a message within an alert for the next team member on call. Now they can leave a custom message with instructions or additional information to further streamline troubleshooting.
  • Flexible maintenance windows – Users have asked for the option to bulk-select maintenance windows to avoid running checks during designated times. For example, now users can identify a weekly maintenance window so checks don’t run while they’re applying security patches on Microsoft Patch Tuesday.

Availability and Pricing

The SolarWinds web performance monitoring products are available now. SolarWinds WPM pricing starts at $1,995.00, and SolarWinds Pingdom pricing starts at $11.95 a month.


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