by Adam Armstrong

SolarWinds Expands Support For Azure

SolarWinds released several updates across its IT Operations management offering, which, of course, includes its popular Orion Platform suite of products as well as their application performance management (APM) suite. The updates extend support for companies that are leveraging Microsoft Azure. The new SolarWinds’ updates offer Azure users a comprehensive ability to monitor, manage, and secure hybrid IT operations.

Microsoft Azure is a wildly popular cloud platform. As more and more companies migrate to the cloud, or to a multi-cloud infrastructure, the use of Azure will only expand. While there will be more users leveraging Azure, there will still be plenty of workloads on-prem. This means that organization need comprehensive visibility into their entire hybrid IT environment. SolarWinds latest updates are aimed to help users more effectively manage everything from cloud and hybrid IT infrastructures to commercial, custom, and SaaS applications, empowering them to see clearer, scale faster, and perform better. This updates include monitoring of on-premises and cloud environments on Microsoft Azure, with support for monitoring Azure IaaS (Windows and Linux) and PaaS services, as well as Office 365.

Updates and features include:

  • AppOptics and Pingdom (part of the SaaS-delivered APM suite): Included in AppOptics is the capability to monitor key Azure services and extended support to provide powerful application performance monitoring with tracing and code-level troubleshooting for applications running on an Azure App Service. Combined with the integration between AppOptics and Loggly, this extends its full-stack traces-to-logs support to provide comprehensive monitoring of Azure, applications running on Azure, and the logs created by those applications. Pingdom also extends support of Azure through the recently released Pingdom API 3.1, which makes it even easier to capture performance and availability data from Azure web applications.
  • Database Performance Analyzer (DPA): Adds new database performance analysis and recommendations for Azure SQL Database Managed Instances and adds support for the latest versions of popular databases including SQL Server 2019, Oracle 19, MariaDB 10, and MySQL 8.
  • Server Configuration Monitor (SCM): Provides an improved ability to monitor and alert on changes made within Windows systems running on Azure IaaS and adds support for detecting and tracking changes on Linux servers.
  • Orion Maps: Includes editing capabilities to deliver improved context and relevant visualizations with background images, and more.
  • SolarWinds Service Desk (SWSD): Integrates with the Orion Platform for streamlined IT Service Management (ITSM) governance and workflow. This integration improves time-to-resolution by automatically creating IT incident tickets in SWSD when an Orion alert is triggered.
  • Cost Calculator for Azure: Identifies total spend for cloud services across one or several Azure subscriptions as a free tool for tech pros.

SolarWinds Orion Platform is certified on Azure and is available within the Azure Marketplace. SolarWinds has also added support for Azure SQL Database Managed Instance as the Orion database that they claim can reduce TCO. This support gives customers even more flexibility as they move forward with migrations to the cloud and the ability to monitor their environments. 

SolarWinds Orion Platform

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