by Lyle Smith

SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor 12 Announced

SolarWinds has announced version 12 of their flagship product, SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor (NPM). Highlighted by new NetPath and Network Insight features, SolarWinds NPM 12 marks the most significant update yet. As such, these two features not only give network administrators the hybrid IT visual insights and analysis needed for visibility into the performance of services across the networks they own, but also their service providers and cloud vendors as well. As a result, SolarWinds asserts IT professionals will now have application performance end-users expect and businesses need in today’s on-demand environments.

With NetPath, SolarWinds NPM 12 is now the only network monitoring software that visually maps hybrid network paths in unison with on-premises data.

NetPath features include:

  • Dynamic and visual hop-by-hop analysis of critical paths and devices along the entire network delivery path—on-premises, in the cloud or across hybrid IT environments.
  • Specific, actionable information to resolve network issues regardless of network ownership.
  • Automatic and dynamic thresholds to identify unhealthy critical paths and network nodes, providing an estimated 50 percent faster time to resolution.
  • Visualized critical path performance over time for historical views of network latency.
  • Identification of device configuration changes along critical paths when integrated with SolarWinds Network Configuration Manager.
  • Immediate insight into the traffic travelling across flow-enabled devices impacting network performance when integrated with SolarWinds NetFlow Traffic Analyzer.

Network Insight provides further depth by offering comprehensive monitoring of load balancing environments. SolarWinds indicates that this will give IT professionals heightened network intelligence, such as dynamic and visual insight into the performance of applications and service delivery. Network Insight features include:

  • Visualization of entire load balancing environments.
  • Graphical display of relationships and component status.
  • Visualization of component details in a single console.

Currently, Network Insight is available for F5 BIG-IP environments while support for additional appliances is slated for future releases.


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