by Adam Armstrong

Spectra Logic and HauteSpot Networks Unveil Video Storage and Management Solution

Today at the ICAP 2015, Spectra Logic Corporation announced its integration of BlackPearl hybrid storage architecture into the HauteView Dock Management System by HauteSpot Networks Corporation. This integration will give law enforcement, transit authorities, fire fighters, EMS professionals and others an ability to store recorded video from body cams in a long-term affordable manner.

With the public demand for more body cams and the increasing retention times one question quickly comes to mind of law enforcement: where do we store the footage and how much will it cost? HauteSpot technology in as an international provider of wireless video surveillance, edge video processing, and security solutions. The products they make include wireless fixed mesh cameras, edge video processors, nomadic cameras, mobile in-vehicle video surveillance, and body worn equipment. All of HauteSpot’s devices generate massive amounts of data and they need a way to effectively store it, enter Spectra Logic’s BlackPearl.

The BlackPearl Deep Storage Gateway provides private cloud storage for all evidence-capturing devices. The integration with HauteView Dock Management System allows for efficient transfer of digital evidence gathered from HauteSpot’s HauteView body worn cameras to Spectra BlackPearl via S3 cloud interface. This is the first time that an offering integrates digital evidence management system with private cloud long-term retention. Now the evidence will reliably preserved on proven LTO or IBM TS1150 Tape Technology and the data will be able to be fully managed as well. The integration offers best practices in digital evidence ownership in a non-proprietary arrangement, and places evidence in a secure, central location to allow quick access for analysis, training, investigation, crime scene processing, interrogation, video lineup and other law enforcement matters.  

When StorageReview was at the Spectra Summit we were given a demonstration of loading a video recording from a HauteView body camera unto the BlackPearl. All in all the process seemed fairly simple and only took a few minutes.  

Spectra Logic BlackPearl

HauteSpot HauteView

IACP 2015

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