by Adam Armstrong

Spectra Logic Enhances Black Pearl & Introduces Certification Program

Today at the National Associations of Broadcasters Show in Las Vegas, Spectra Logic announced several feature enhancements to its BlackPearl Deep Storage Gateway and a new Client Certification Program. BlackPearl provides a single interface to tape and disk using cloud protocols. Since its introduction in 2013 it has gained traction in several vertical markets such as genomics and healthcare, general IT management, high-performance computing, media and entertainment, research and education and video surveillance.

Spectra Logic’s BlackPearl Deep Storage Gateway sits in front of the deep storage tape libraries and can easily be used as a tier for deep storage, is cost-effective, and has extremely high scalability. The BlackPearl Deep Storage Gateway is aimed at organizations where data is a significant part of their operations. Some current BlackPearl customers include The British Film Institute, the Imperial War Museum, Pacific Biosciences, The University of Chicago and WCBS, the flagship station of the CBS Television Network.

Three key BlackPearl features now available include:

  • Public Cloud Storage: BlackPearl can now automatically send a copy of data to the public cloud for customers who seek content distribution with a cloud initiative, or who use cloud for disaster recovery.
  • Replication: BlackPearl now has the ability to automatically replicate from one BlackPearl system to another, allowing an active/active geographical separation of data.
  • Access Content Faster: BlackPearl now delivers online archive expansion, which enables nearly instant access to content, and accelerates the overall workflow and system response time. Less frequently accessed content can be stored on Spectra ArcticBlue nearline disk, and rarely accessed content can be archived indefinitely on Spectra’s tape library family. This feature includes an automatic time-based delete feature that can be customized by the storage administrator.

Spectra Logic wants to ensure that clients created by its customers and partners are both robost and reliable, so it created its BlackPearl Certification Program. Through this program customers can test all key features, as well as optional features of their choosing, needed to support the use of BlackPearl in a customer environment. Testing is conducted at Spectra’s headquarters in Boulder, Colorado.


Both the BlackPearl and BlackPearl Certification Program are available now from Spectra Logic. 

Spectra Logic BlackPearl Deep Storage Gateway

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