by Adam Armstrong

Spectra Logic Enhances Its Enterprise Tape Library Offerings

Today Spectra Logic announced several updates it was making to its enterprise tape libraries. Today’s updates and enhancements are designed to benefit customers that need to preserve massive amounts of data for long periods of time, such as governments, scientific research, HPC, and M&E. The updates and enhancements include Time-Based Access Ordering System to speed up recall times, and Assisted Self Maintenance and Zoning.

While Cloud, NVMe, and SDS usually dominate the headlines in storage (including our own), there is still a need to store enormous amounts of data in a cost-effective manner that can be easily retrieved if needed. This is where tape libraries, and companies like Spectra Logic, neatly fit into the enterprise storage equation. While tape is not as exciting as some of the super fast technologies, it is still integral to several users listed above, and Spectra Logic continues to innovate this technology to increase its performance, availability, all the while lowering total storage costs. 

Enhancements include:

  • TAOS or Time-Based Access Ordering System – Speeds up recall times for the Spectra TFinity ExaScale and T950 Tape Libraries by intelligently reordering recalls from LTO tapes to optimize the time required to perform a recall. TAOS also reduces wear on tapes and drives. Until now, no such functionality has existed for LTO tape-drive-based systems.
  • Zoning – Allocates a library territory for each robot in the dual-robot TFinity ExaScale. The tape library achieves greater performance without partitions as the two robots move media freely within the tape library (using both LTO and IBM’s TS tape technology).
  • TeraPack Affinity – Loads up to 10 drives from a single TeraPack with intelligent move queues, significantly optimizing performance in the TFinity ExaScale. Capable of holding up to 10 LTO or 9 IBM TS tapes, TeraPacks also make it easy to bulk load tapes into Spectra tape libraries.
  • ASM Platinum (Assisted Self Maintenance) – Allows customers to sustain uptime by self-repairing TFinity ExaScale and T950 Tape Libraries. With ASM Platinum, customers receive custom maintenance plans, extra spare parts onsite, technical account managers and personalized repair training for IT staff.
  • Spectra Certified Media – Assures data integrity and includes a Spectra Certified Media lifetime guarantee that warrants Spectra tapes (LTO and IBM’s TS tape) to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for the life of the media.

Spectra Logic

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