by Brian Beeler

sTec s260 mSATA SSDs Announced

sTec, a WD company, has announced their latest SSD, the s260 in mSATA form factor. The sTec s260 will find its way into embedded applications and compute situations where space is at a premium. The s260 uses a SATA 6Gb/s interface and features a modest power draw of 1.5W. sTec not content to just float out "another mSATA SSD" has added power fail protection to protect in-flight data in the event of unplanned power loss. They've also included environmental specs that support extreme altitudes and temperatures; something that ruggedized computing gear often requires given the intended use cases. 

The s260 will ship in a variety of configurations using both SLC and eMLC NAND. The SLC drives come in capacities up to 64GB and offer read and write throughput of up to 500MB/s and 250MB/s respectively with endurance of 10x drives writes per day for 5 years. The eMLC drives are available in capacities up to 200GB and offer throughout of up to 500MB/s read and 150MB/s write, with support for 10x drive writes per day for 3 years. 

sTec S260 Specifications

  • NAND:
    • SLC
      • Capacities: 16GB, 32GB, 64GB
      • Performance
        • Average Response Time: <12ms
        • Read: Up to 500MB/s
        • Write: Up to 250MB/s
      • Endurance: 10X drive writes/day
      • Warranty: 5 years
    • eMLC
      • Capacities: 50GB, 100GB, 200GB
      • Performance
        • Average Response Time: <16ms
        • Read: Up to 500MB/s
        • Write: Up to 150MB/s
      • Endurance: 10X drive writes/day
      • Warranty: 3 years
  • Interface: SATA 6Gb/s
  • Form Factor: mSATA
  • MTBF: 4 million hours
  • Dimensions: 50mm (L) X 30mm (W) X 4.8mm (H) 
  • Power: <1.5W @ 3.3V
  • Environmental
    • Operational Temperature: -40° to 85°C (SLC), 0°C to 70°C (eMLC)
    • Humidity (Non-condensing): 5-95%
    • Shock: 350G/20G
    • Altitude: -1,000 to 80,000 ft


The s260 mSATA SSDs are sampling now and are available from sTec and through authorized distributors.

sTec mSATA Solutions

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