by Brian Beeler

StorageReview Podcast #20: The Future of Flash in the Data Center

When it comes to SSDs in the data center, there are a handful of products that stand well above the rest. Samsung has quite a few top performers, highlighted by their 15TB 2.5" SAS beast (PM1633a 15.36TB) that's being used in several storage arrays from NetApp, HPE and others. The net effect is shrinking data center footprints as the enterprise takes advantage of high capacity SSDs, in addition to major software advances that offer much better data reduction (dedupe, compression) technology with less of a CPU hit. In this podcast I talk with Richard Leonarz about these trends in addition to his views on the adoption of NVMe, next-gen 64-layer V-NAND and one place where even Richard doesn't think flash will be deployed.

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