by Adam Armstrong

StorageReview’s Top 10 Enterprise Articles Of 2017

Every year here at StorageReview we write a lot of articles, news, and reviews. And as long as you, dear readers, keep interested, we’ll keep cranking them out. Below is a list of the top 10 enterprise articles of the past year by reader engagement.

#1 Dell EMC VxRail Overview

Though Dell EMC and VMware are different companies, the former makes pretty cool gear tailor made for the latter such as the VxRail. Or as our reviewer put it, a perfect marriage of the two product lines: vSAN and VxRail.

Dell EMC VxRail Overview

#2 Dell EMC Stops Production On DSSD

Innovation is the lifeblood of the Information Technology field. However, sometimes there are no real customers or not enough to turn a profit, the lifeblood of Business. Dell EMC (just EMC at the time) announced the promise of performance never seen before in the DSSD D5, but it came with over a $1 million price tag and not enough customers who could leverage what it offered.

Dell EMC Stops Production On DSSD

#3 Dell EMC SC9000 Review

We have Editor’s Choice Awards, though we don’t give them out lightly (or often). The first to win an Editor’s Choice Award for 2017 was the Dell EMC SC9000. The SC Series of arrays have been around for some time now but continues to impress with its performance, deduplication and compression technology, and of course, Dell’s Copilot support.

Dell EMC SC9000 Review

#4 NetApp AFF A200 Review

Another Editor’s Choice Award winner was for the SMB with the NetApp AFF A200. This little all-flash array gave us tremendous sub-millisecond latency performance while allowing up to 367TB in its 2U form factor

NetApp AFF A200 Review

#5 Dell EMC Launches Its 14G PowerEdge Servers

Dell EMC refreshed its popular and powerful PowerEdge Server Series this year to its fourteenth generation (through the initial linked announcement below as well as other units since). Not only are the new servers faster with higher capacities, they come with SDS, HCI, and automation built in.

Dell EMC Launches Its 14G PowerEdge Servers

#6 HPE Unveils Gen 10 ProLiant Servers

In the year of flagship server line refreshes, HPE refreshed its ProLiant Series to its tenth generation. Along with bigger, stronger, faster, the new servers have a silicon root of trust security feature that won’t allow the server to boot if the firmware doesn’t match an immutable silicon fingerprint.

HPE Unveils Gen 10 ProLiant Servers

#7 Backblaze Storage Pod 6.0 Review

Backblaze is known for the HDD studies they release every year. These studies are performed in the Backblaze Storage Pod. We were able to get a Storage Pod 6.0 into our lab and found it to be a terrific “white box” solution for users wanting to roll their own system.

Backblaze Storage Pod 6.0 Review

#8 Intel Optane SSD DC P4800X Enterprise SSD Launched

Optane technology comes with the promise of performance not seen before in form factors we are familiar with. The first Optane product released was the Intel Optane SSD DC P4800X. Initially offered in a 750GB form factor, this drive was quoted at delivering up to 550K IOPS with sub-millisecond latency.

Intel Optane SSD DC P4800X Enterprise SSD Launched

#9 Seagate IronWolf Pro NAS HDD 12TB Review

HDDs are ever increasing in capacity and this year saw the shipping of 12TB NAS HDDs from Seagate in the form of its IronWolf Pro NAS HDD. When tested the Pro version was at or near the top of the pack of lower capacity drives.

Seagate IronWolf Pro NAS HDD 12TB Review

#10 Enterprise Read Intensive SATA SSD Roundup Review

We test several SSDs every year and throughout many years, the lion’s share of SSDs tested, and those on the market, are SATA. We went through and tested several SATA SSDs in a roundup versus are usual deep dive on a single drive.

Enterprise Read Intensive SATA SSD Roundup Review

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