by Brian Beeler Giveaway - Samsung STORY Station 3.0

After completing a storage review, in most cases we hang onto the gear that was sent to us (some comes to us on loan). Some of the product gets put through long-term testing, some we warehouse in anticipation of testing updated firmware in the future, and some is so bad we just put it in a dark corner and try to forget about it. In this case however, we've reviewed the Samsung STORY Station 3.0 and thought it was great - now it's time for one of our readers to take it home for free.

As a reminder from the review:

The drive performs right alongside the Western Digital MyBook 3.0 in the synthetic tests, but takes a noticeable lead in our real-world scenarios. On top of that, the Samsung is well-built with aluminum body, compared to plastic in the Western Digital, it wins on aesthetics too.

The only downside then is the cost issue, USB 3.0 is still a new technology with user adoption creeping along. But that's a platform problem, not specific to Samsung. That said, if you want or need the speed of USB 3.0 in an external drive, the price is probably less of an issue.

By giving this drive away, we've already addressed the biggest negative...the price. The winner gets a $280 drive for free. If that's not good enough, we'll toss in a USB 3.0 desktop card as well. 

How Do I Win?

All you have to do is post a comment in the forums thread for this contest. You may post one comment per day, each comment is an entry. We'll select one post ID at random, and that's the winner. The bad news, we'll only ship to the US. If you win and you're from out of the country, you'll have to give us a US address to ship to.

Entries will be accepted through 11:59 PM EST of May 9th. We'll announce the winner on May 10th. 

That's it - get started today by posting here!