by Adam Armstrong

Storbyte Comes Out of Stealth With ECO FLASH Array Technology

This week the new storage hardware and flash drive developer, Storbyte, came out of stealth with a new innovation on SSD technology. Storbyte’s new, patented ECO•FLASH comes with the promise of maximizing efficiency, normalizing and improving IOPS and performance, increasing rack density, and eliminating the wear-leveling and life expectancy conditions associated with conventional flash memory.

Founded by CEO Steve Groenke and Chief Evangelist and Design Architect Diamond Lauffin, this Washington D.C-based company aims to shake up the array market with a patented, abstracted command and control capability layer over a commodity-based multi-mode direct chip-access architecture. While the company strives for the above benefits, they intend to do all of it as a responsible price point. 

Storbyte is not the first new company to come to market making bold claims. So what is in their secret sauce? According to the company, Storbyte’s patented ECO•FLASH design is a new architecture and flash management system for non-volatile memory. Its integrated circuit, ASIC-based architecture abstracts independent SSD memory modules within the flash drive and presents the unified architecture as a single flash storage device. In order to lower costs, ECO•FLASH leverages industrial grade, commodity-based flash memory modules and then abstracts a modified RAID across the independent modules. The company claims that this process improves performance, eliminates over-provisioning, normalizes small block, big block peaks and valleys while extending the life of the memory material up to 10x.

On the hardware side of things, Storbyte is claiming true future-proofing with the ability to independently scale-out and scale-up. The company claims a 100% on-line, all the time, hot swap redundancy with the price of white box. From a capacity standpoint, the array offers raw capacity of 131TB per 1U and Storbyte offers a 4U 1.18PB expansion HDD JBOD running up to 11.4PB in a 42U rack. The systems supports all existing file systems and third-party storage software and supports connectivity options such as Ethernet, iSCSI, NAS and InfiniBand.

As far as pricing goes, the company states that its hybrid unit in a 42U rack runs a little as $0.54 cents per GB raw capacity. Assuming customers took this route verses all-flash, they could reap all of the above benefits at less than $1/GB.


ECO•FLASH arrays are available now.


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