by Adam Armstrong

StorONE Rolls Out S1aaS On Dell Hardware

Today StorONE announced its that its S1 storage software platform will be available as-a-Service on Dell Technologies hardware. According to the company, this would make S1-as-a-Service (S1aaS) a complete enterprise storage solution, for needed performance and data protection, for a cost-effective subscription model. 

Cloud storage can save companies a lot on expenses but come with other potential issues such as possible security risks and performance impacts. StorONE states that they have overcome these issues and can provide the capabilities of an on-premise architecture at a much lower cost. Customers would get the best of both worlds: cloud flexibility and cost, with on-prem performance and security. S1aaS can deliver up to 150K IOPS of performance at a competitive price. 

At the heart of S1aaS is StorONE’s Total Resource Utilization (TRU) storage software. The company states that TRU can maximize communication between storage media and the CPU, deliver more performance while utilizing less resources. This also allows for all storage services,  all protocols, and all media types to be supported in one platform. S1aaS also states it has a next-gen approach to data protection. The architecture of the solutions accelerates drive rebuild times, replaces dedicated hot spares with their abstracted system based balanced resource utilization model which offers more granular resiliency levels, further cuts costs by drawing from all available drive capacities and allows the implementation of the latest drive technologies on the fly. The solution also comes with unlimited, nestable, writeable, and persistent snapshots that are stated to not impact performance. 

While the above is interesting, most companies will run their most critical and performance demanding applications on-prem. These tend to mean too much to leave them up to the whims of the cloud where they lack control. Recognizing this, StorONE S1aaS can also be deployed on-prem for the same economic benefits lined out above.  


StorONE S1aaS starts at $999/month for 18TB of all-flash.

StorONE S1aaS

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