by Adam Armstrong

StorTrends Awarded 3 Patents Aimed At All-Flash Storage

Today StorTrends, the data storage division of American Megatrends, Inc. (AMI) announced that is has been granted three patents that set a high standard of how companies can meet requirements of performance-intensive applications and do so at a cost-effective price. The three patents focus on data deduplication (8,954,339), data migration (8,812,811), and multi-protocol data transfers (8,711,851).

StorTrends data deduplication patent focuses on running deduplication at optimal and efficient space-saving levels. The patent optimizes the amount of RAM space that can be used during deduplication to where it wouldn’t negatively affect performance. The technology could help customers save costs by both reducing the amount of SSDs needed within a SAN and reducing the overall latency.

The second patent focuses on data migration between multiple tiers within a storage system. StorTrends has developed a method to intelligently track blocks of data and automatically move hot data to faster SSD tiers. The technology watches data over time and migrates it to a slower more cost-effective tier based on access patterns. Companies could see an increase of savings by allowing the technology to move cold data to slower, less expensive tiers.

The third patent focuses on multi-protocol data transfers. This patent covers the means that StorTrends uses to maximize the reliability of transmission control protocol and the performance of user datagram protocol to ensure that StorTrends' replication is the fastest in the industry. Replication management will be decreased and customers will have more bandwidth for blocks of data that need to go to their disaster recovery location. Customers will be able to adjust this bandwidth to avoid straining their network during peak hours. The main focus of this patent is to keep primary data and secondary data stay in-sync at all times.

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