by Lyle Smith

SUSE Enterprise Storage 6 Annouced

SUSE has announced the latest release of its software-defined storage solution, SUSE Enterprise Storage 6. Powered by Ceph technology (an open-source software designed to facilitate highly scalable object, block and file-based storage under one whole system), the newest release helps IT organizations adapt to changing business demands, such as ever-growing data sets.

Though normally configured as a hybrid solution, Ceph is incredibly flexible. Moreover, Ceph is not just focused on storage and hyperconverged offerings, it is looking to promote meaningful hardware development as well. Version 6 is also focused on the reduction operational expense, including containerized and cloud workload support, improved integration with public cloud, and enhanced data protection capabilities.

Based on the Ceph Nautilus release, SUSE’s software-defined storage solution allows customers to effectively adapt by:

  • Accelerating innovation, which further removes storage silos and gives customers easier access to different types of data, allowing them to quickly extract information from data using cutting-edge search and analytics tools.
  • Maximizing application availability with faster and more granular backups, which can now leverage low-cost public cloud resources for improved data protection.
  • Responding to changing business demands faster with the ability to quickly and easily leverage public cloud resources as part of their storage infrastructure.

Moreover, SUSE indicates that customers will be able to reduce overall operation costs by: 

  • Optimizing data placement with the ability to automatically and efficiently move data between all tiers of storage based on policy, ensuring access to critical data when customers need it.
  • Improving IT efficiency with a single, scalable storage solution that meets all storage requirements for containerized and cloud-enabled workloads, no matter where they live.


SUSE Enterprise Storage 6 is slated for general availability sometime in June.

SUSE Enterprise Storage

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