by Michael Rink

SUSE Releases Enterprise Storage 5.5

SUSE released version 5.5 of Enterprise Storage, their software-defined storage solution. This latest version is based on the Ceph Luminous release and built on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 SP3. It delivers a scalable software-defined storage cluster that provides object, block and file storage. It is designed for bulk storage, compliance, archive, data protection, disaster recovery, large data file applications, big data applications, HPC storage, cloud storage, and virtual machine storage. Notably, it extends support to service non-Linux environments, particularly Windows. 

SUSE Enterprise Storage 5.5 features new enhancements focused on lowering costs, ease of use and management and operational enhancements including: 

  • A tech preview of support for CIFS/SMB legacy protocols
  • openATTIC concepts and technology provide the basis for a new default management and monitoring dashboard for Ceph Mimic 
  • Production support for CIFs Samba for Ceph 
  • Embedded support of AppArmor. AppArmor or “Application Armor” is a Linux kernel security module that will allow the storage administrator to granularly select the actions that can be made within the Ceph Cluster. 
  • Improved translations and localization
  • Support for asynchronous iSCSI replication. Current implementation includes support for Object, RBD, Block for heterogeneous in this release and CephFS is under development (Technology Preview). 



SUSE Enterprise Storage

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