by Adam Armstrong

SUSE Unveils OpenStack Cloud Monitoring & Supports TrilioVault

Today at the OpenStack Summit 2017 in Boston, MA, SUSE, aside from celebrating its 25th anniversary, announced its new open source software solution that makes it simple to monitor and manage the health and performance of enterprise OpenStack cloud environments and workloads, SUSE OpenStack Cloud Monitoring. In other SUSE related news, Trilio Data, announced that its TrilioVault is Ready Certified for SUSE OpenStack Cloud.

SUSE OpenStack Cloud Monitoring is based on the OpenStack Monasca project. Its main goal is to make it easy for operators and users to monitor and analyze the health and performance of complex private clouds, delivers reliability, performance and high service levels for OpenStack clouds. Through automation and preconfiguring, SUSE OpenStack Cloud Monitoring is also aimed at reducing costs.

Key features of SUSE OpenStack Cloud Monitoring include:

  • A single powerful dashboard to manage, track, monitor and optimize complex distributed OpenStack private cloud environments.
  • The ability to identify problems early with complex processing of OpenStack events, logs and metrics, advanced graphical search, and analysis of historical data using the powerful dashboard.
  • A fully open source solution that reduces costs and increases flexibility by avoiding the risk of vendor lock-in often associated with proprietary solutions.

TrilioVault is the industry’s first and only native backup and recovery solution for OpenStack clouds. TrilioVault has been tested against the latest SUSE OpenStack Cloud release and is fully supported to work in that environment. Users of SUSE for their OpenStack Deployments can enjoy the benefits of ease of use, greater resiliency, and operational efficiencies. TrilioVault is highly scalable to manage tens of thousands of VMs and can leverage 3rd party arrays and de-duplication engines for storage.

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