by Adam Armstrong

SwiftStack Joins The Cisco Solution Partner Program

Today SwiftStack announced that it has joined the Cisco Solution Partner Program as a Preferred Solution Partner. This new partnership will allow SwiftStack to o quickly create and deploy solutions to enhance the capabilities, performance and management of the network to capture value in the Internet of Everything (IoE).

Founded in 2011 by Joe Arnold and Anders Tjernlund, SwiftStack was built off of Swift, OpenStack’s object storage. The founders took Swift as a starting point and attempted to add in operational and management functionality as well as seamless integration with existing systems. After looking at HTTP-based object storage system from every angle they came up with SwiftStack Object Storage system that can easily deploy, integrate, orchestrate, manage and scale Swift clusters. Since formation, SwiftStack has gone on to land many enterprise customers including many media and entertainment organizations.

Cisco’s Solution Partner Program is a way for third-party vendors to develop and deliver integrated solutions with Cisco. After verifying compatibility on one of Cisco’s solutions and can offer 24/7 customer assistance, third-party vendors can join the partner program. The program benefits Cisco with new integrated solutions and third-party vendors, such as SwiftStack, as they will be able to take advantage of Cisco’s channel partners’ reach.

With SwiftStack joining the Cisco Solution Partner Program the companies can deliver “UCS servers as the x86 foundation for a highly scalable object storage solution, which is strong enough for cloud, but made for enterprise.”


Cisco Solution Partner Program

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