by Adam Armstrong

SwiftStack Release Version 5.0

Today SwiftStack announced the availability of its latest software release, SwiftStack 5. The latest release comes with several new enhancements and features, the most notable being its Cloud Sync feature that can replicate data bidirectionally between the four Google Cloud Storage offerings, as well as other cloud provider’s solutions. Other enhancements include multi-region erasure coding, and a new desktop client for Windows and OS X.

The main focus of the latest version of SwiftStack is on its Cloud Sync feature. Whether on-premises or in public cloud buckets, SwiftStack always stores data in a cloud-native format. Through policies controlled by the admin, data that is stored on the public could and on-premises can synchronize to allow it to live where it can best be computed on or utilized. This can also aid collaboration as Cloud Sync can automatically place data that resides on-premises to a shared cloud bucket. Another benefit of Cloud Sync is the ability to automatically bring back data that is archived offsite in the cloud.

New features of SwiftStack 5 include:

  • Cloud Sync - policy-driven, bidirectional replication to Amazon S3 and Google Cloud Storage
  • SwiftStack Client for macOS and Windows, allowing for simplified end-user access
  • Multi-region erasure coding - extends this data protection option across multiple geographic regions
  • Deep containers/buckets - hundreds of millions of objects in each container/bucket
  • SwiftStack Controller software appliance - simplifies and automates the deployment and maintenance of the SwiftStack controller

SwiftStack intends to expand on the capabilities of Cloud Sync throughout the year of 2017. Upcoming features may include support for additional public cloud platforms and expand data management for multi cloud applications. Future releases of SwiftStack will see more automation and interaction between private and public clouds.

SiwftStack will be demonstrating version 5 at the Google Cloud Next Conference 2017, March 8 through March 10 in San Francisco, at booth #A4.


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